So as I continue my membership to, still against all better judgement. I have come to realize that I not only do I browse the selection and then click back to Facebook, but I get quiet the kick outta the names and opening lines. My name came to me while I was playing the worst game in the world.. CANDY CRUSH.. Who ever invented it needs to choke on said candy. I have noticed that most men use some sort of number in their name like lookin4u or bf84334 or trh81576 and the opening line has to be my favorite. What you would like a few examples.. ok. SUPER I was hoping you would ask..
• Looking for a partner in crime - Uh really? No thank you!
• Propaganda goes here - WTH is that suppose to mean.. rumor has it...
• My friends say I've become a legend - Legendary Douche Bag? 
• City guy with a little cowboy - Do ya now... REALLY? Sounds like a problem.. 
• Is this normal??? - No.. If you have to ask.. it is so NOT normal.
• It's just and run. DONE!
• I'm not changing who I am .....ok?..

So what do ya think? Any winners there?  I believe there should be a website called, Sweet spirit, Devils child or lost in translation or something like that. Something that would give you more of a.. One, Two this is me I am Satan or I'm a sweet spirit.. I hate dating, I hate online dating. I do however enjoy browsing and getting a good giggle once in a while. Do I think I will meet someone off of there.. No, No I really don't But I promised Ern one month, then Jamie said if you gave her one, give me three.. And that's that. I have my go to guys for when I need a partner for fishing or to a benefit dinner or something stupid like that. I have my girls who don't mind me tagging along with them and theirs and that's all great grand and wonderful. Do I miss the rest of the stuff.. Well sure.. who wouldn't but I really don't think my mister right..


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